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Why choose The Killer Dueling Pianos for your next event?

These days, when it comes to finding the right entertainment for a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, bar, restaurant , or even a backyard party , it can be very tough to find something that satisfies everybody.


The Killer Dueling Pianos provide an all request show with a catalogue of 1,000's of songs from the 1940's to present day Pop/Rock/Country/Rap&Hip Hop/Dance music. They can find a song for everyone. Most bands only have a 40 to 50 song set list, and try getting them to do a special request. Good Luck!


The Killer Dueling Pianos can take a room from a sitting down, sing-a-long show to a full on dance party with the addition of a drummer or using the latest digital beat making technology. No need to spend that extra money on the DJ.


The Killer Dueling Pianos bring not just music, but comedy and crowd interaction all night long making the audience members the stars of the show. Whether it be a birthday for Dad, roasting the boss, or bringing the bride's maids up for a dance, The Killer Dueling Pianos never let the energy and excitement fade.

Make your next event the one everyone remembers and hire The Killer Dueling Pianos today by calling Ryan Bueter at 443-695-4978.

Check out their full website for more info:

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